Weighted Competency Reviews and Assignable Review Periods Now Launched

Reviewsnap recently launched the ability to create performance reviews using weighted competency groups. You will be able to assign a percentage to each competency group, which will be calculated into the overall rating of any given employee. Using weighted competencies is optional so you have the choice between weighted and unweighted ratings.

Also, we have added the ability to assign specific employees to specific review periods. For example, if your company has two review periods during the year where half of the employees receive their reviews in the first review period and the other half receive them in the second review period, you will now be able to assign the employees individually to the review period in which they will be reviewed. This is in addition to the multiple review period options already available within the system.

If you are in search for a performance review system to meet your needs, request a live demo¬†with Reviewsnap and we’ll be happy to walk you through the system and answer your questions. And remember, we will never, ever pressure you to subscribe.