Survey Reveals That Most Managers Fail to Provide Critical Ongoing Feedback to Employees Relating to Performance Reviews

Reviewsnap™ , a leading Web-based performance management system supplier, announced today a new study that shows employees do not feel they receive adequate communication about their performance on an ongoing basis. The study was conducted by Reviewsnap during the week of March 15, 2010 to learn more about views on employee performance evaluation processes.

From a pool of more than 100 respondents, only 45 percent of individuals surveyed feel their managers consistently communicate to them about their performance throughout the year and between review periods.

“As American companies lunge forward to put the recent economic downturn behind them, their most important assets, their employees, are perhaps more important than ever,” said Dave Arringdale, President of Reviewsnap. “Organizations and their employees are under more pressure to meet company goals. Conducting productive employee performance evaluations and delivering ongoing communication about performance is a critical component in helping keep a pulse on the efforts made by employees to help achieve real and measurable business results.”

Web-based performance management systems, such as Reviewsnap, reduce the hassle of paper reviews or quasi-electronic reviews by simplifying the process to the point that it is convenient and easy to communicate with employees regarding their performance and contribution to company goals on a regular and consistent basis. Having Web-based tools such as 360 degree feedback, unlimited reviews, and journal entries have proven to help increase employee productivity and morale because they are aimed at making it easy to better align employees’ responsibilities with clearly defined goals and track performance on an ongoing basis versus once or twice a year. This streamlined approach allows organizations to maximize the alignment of employee goals, make informed talent decisions and increase quality communication.

The survey shows there is still work to be done on getting managers to be accountable for on-time reviews in addition to providing continued feedback. 44 percent of the survey respondents noted their managers fail to complete their employee reviews on time. Putting a system in place that makes it easy and convenient to complete reviews and that delivers automatic reminders of pending and past due reviews helps enhance the level of accountability in this area.