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Surprise! You’re Fired!

Have you ever been fired, demoted or reprimanded and had no clue that it was coming? When the boss gives you the bad news you just want to laugh and ask if you’re being Punk’d, but unfortunately you know that is not the case. It probably feels like someone just dropped an anvil on your chest and you wonder what you did to deserve this. And, for that matter, you can’t think of a single instance of someone talking to you about performance related issues. While we know this isn’t the case, it appears that some companies out there enjoy the shock value of dropping the bad news on people by surprise.

Reality is that people are going to be fired, demoted or reprimanded. That is inevitable. But organizations can avoid the surprise by having their managers give their employees feedback about their performance on a consistent basis rather than only once a year during their performance reviews. If colleagues and managers journal feedback throughout the year and this feedback is communicated to employees regularly, then there will be few or no surprises when it comes time for an employees review or when a formal reprimanded is issued.

If you are looking for a performance management system that offers a journal/feedback tool to help keep track of an employee’s performance throughout the entire year, you will find it in Reviewsnap. This process is proven and virtually guarantees no surprises along with accurate performance reviews.