Keeping Remote Employees Engaged

Thanks to modern technology, it’s becoming clear remote working is the way of the future. As more and more companies head in this direction, it’s important that the proper tools are in place to help remote staff stay engaged, motivated, and on track with their goals throughout the year. Another factor in building a strong contributing remote worker is their relationship with managers.

I’ve worked as a remote employee for the past five years with Reviewsnap, and often support my peers both remote and in our HQ in Seattle as a coach. Our remote culture is unique and growing, and we have a true culture that we fight hard for. Here are some ways we make it happen every day:

Setting clear expectations:  By setting clear deadlines, we make sure everyone knows the next steps on projects. Our goal management and tracking features in Reviewsnap assists management and the team to see what everyone is working on and what’s left to be done.

Holding regular check-ins: Since we don’t have all those moments in the office to build rapport and talk about issues, we make up for it by setting aside time for weekly 1-1s with remote staff. This gives the opportunity to raise concerns, discuss sensitive topics, or simply put forward ideas that may be difficult to convey in group meetings.

Keeping remote staff involved and recognizing their work: We make it a point to ensure remote workers are being recognized for the contributions they’re making to the organization. It is important recognition is highly visible so other members of the organization are aware of the valuable contributions remote workers are making on a daily basis.

Remote employees can be just as engaged and productive as in-office teams, if not more. Give your team the tools they need to be successful and they’ll reward you with outstanding performance and long-term loyalty.