Invest Wisely In Information Technology

The rate of change in information technology is staggering. It seems that as soon as you purchase and install a new piece of hardware or software, its replacement is hitting the market. This is one reason why using a Web-based performance review system, such as Reviewsnap, would be highly beneficial. Reviewsnap requires no implementation on your company’s server and changes can constantly be made at no cost to you. Because information technology can be a real help to a business in terms of providing better efficiency, better analysis of operations and marketing efforts and better customer service, it is an essential part of the business world. In fact, many businesses have learned how to gain a competitive advantage by utilizing technologies such as data warehousing and geographic information systems.

But it is critical that businesses carefully evaluate how information technology will be applied. In many cases, old systems are slow and inefficient and simply don’t perform at acceptable levels any longer. Or the business has grown or changed enough that old software isn’t compatible with the way the business operates. In these cases, it is wise to begin looking at newer technologies and solutions. But before you select a particular system or software package, do your homework. Major software changes or upgrades can disrupt business if not carefully planned for. Software vendors are notorious for selling product with promises that don’t get met. Don’t let a vendor sell you software that won’t do what you need it to do. If modifications are necessary to the software, make sure they are well defined.

Gather as much input as necessary from those who perform the actual work on a daily basis. They will be able to tell you what works and doesn’t work so well with the existing software or system. Develop a specifications list that defines exactly the functionality required to mesh with current and anticipated operations.

Try to avoid buying more or less technology than you will need. To approach the implementation of technology with fingers tightly wrapped around the wallet will only hinder your ability to function in the future. And, conversely, buying more technology than you will need is simply a waste of money. In terms of desktop technology, it is important to buy (or lease) equipment that will sufficiently handle the amount of work pushed through it. It makes little sense to save a few dollars and sacrifice processing speed. What little is gained in initial outlay is more than lost in inefficiency.

Also, be careful not to apply new technology to inefficient processes. Before applying a technology such as imaging to a process, work on refining the core processes so that the technology is applied to as efficient and user friendly processes as possible. See Refine Processes the Easy Way for more information on process refinement.