Introducing the Reviewsnap API


Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature that will help our customers get even more out of our software—the launch of our Application Programming Interface (API).

Using our API, Reviewsnap can communicate and share details with your other employee management and HR software. Automating data entry frees you to use Reviewsnap to focus on what matters most—providing performance reviews that help your employees reach their full potential. 

Ready to connect to your favorite HR tools? Contact us to learn how to get started. 

How our API works

Your organization has multiple systems that hold employee data. Manually inputting information into each system is tedious and time-consuming. And there’s the risk of inputting incorrect data or forgetting to update a particular system. 

Our API automatically syncs information between Reviewsnap and any connected system. Employee details like first and last name, email, manager, and employee number are pushed to or pulled from Reviewsnap.

Even more, our API helps your organization act on the information collected in employee performance reviews. Your other HR systems can read details like self-review score, manager score, completion date, and more.

Our API in action 

Connecting Reviewsnap with your other software offers numerous advantages. Let’s review some specific use cases so you can see exactly how beneficial our API will be for your organization:

  • Employee appraisal scores in Reviewsnap can be pulled into your HRIS and used for compensation planning. See who are your top performers and reward them so they continue to deliver outstanding results for your organization. 
  • New hire details added to a connected system automatically flow into Reviewsnap. There is no need to log in and create new employee profiles. 
  • Profiles for employees who are promoted or change jobs are automatically updated in Reviewsnap. Your employee performance management software will always reflect your actual org chart. 
  • You’ll have peace of mind that employee details are accurate, correctly formatted, and current in Reviewsnap and connected systems.

These benefits help your organization get even more out of Reviewsnap and your other HR systems!

Get up and running with the Reviewsnap API

Our API can be implemented within Reviewsnap but software development knowledge is required. Check out our support article that provides step-by-step instructions for granting your system administrators API keys. You can then provide your development team with our technical API Documentation that outlines everything they need to know to sync Reviewsnap with your other systems

Ready to get started? Reach out to your technical team, and let them know you’d like to connect Reviewsnap to another system, using the API. Share this article with them, and they’ll be good to go!

If you’re not yet a customer but want to learn more about Reviewsnap, request a live demo today!