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How to Get a Handle on Performance Problems Before You Implode

Frequent mistakes, not following a project through and the inability to cope with given instructions are all signs of an employee performance problem. If these basic performance problems are running rampant through your organization, they plainly need to stop. The only question is… how? Annual performance reviews and one-on-one conversations when a major issue arises is not enough to keep performance problems at bay. In fact, 45% of HR leaders do not think annual performance reviews are an accurate appraisal of employee’s work, and they’re right!

So what gives? Your employees are happy, they’re engaged, they’re hardworking and willing to help out their coworkers, but that still doesn’t mean they’re producing results efficiently and effectively. How do you come down hard on a team who is trying so hard but just not cutting it? Before you implode, take a step back and evaluate your current performance management process. Do you even have one? Or do you just scribble down notes when you remember to? Creating your own internal process for managing performance can work, but even the smallest businesses need a robust platform to hold managers and employees accountable.

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Forget your Evernote system, and look for a solution that will allow you to continuously manage and track performance. That data you’ll collate gives the insight managers and employees need to make better decisions regarding employee performance. There’s so many benefits to investing in a performance management software… let’s take a look at our favorites!

Never lose review paperwork again.

No more lost notes or disorganized records. Utilize a system that takes the paper and work out of paperwork. Look for a cloud-based software system you can count on to file important employee documents and access them anytime, anywhere.

Stay on task.

Many performance management systems anticipate user’s needs through a system of automated workflows. The platform can notify managers of pending or past due performance conversations that help make the review process seamless. Take the scary seriousness out of formal annual reviews and trust that you can manage multiple conversations throughout the year with a system that seamlessly organizes the process for you.

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Turn performance goals into results.

You only need to accomplish two words: better alignment. An apparent disconnect in bad performers is that they aren’t able to visualize how their performance and the decisions they make to perform in that manner affects results and overarching goals. Performance management systems allow you to align expectations with actions and put everyone on the same page.

Take something off your plate.

With already so much to do, how is there time to implement a new system? Look for one that can basically onboard itself and integrate into your current workforce. After all, if it can’t be implemented, customized, trained and ready-to-go in a timely manner, it’s not a good fit.

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So how do you know if it’s a good fit?

With hundreds of performance management systems in the market, it’s hard to find the best one. It could take months of research and demoing to come to a decision and even after that it might not be good enough.

If you’ve already been looking and have come to a rut in the road OR you aren’t even excited about looking because you know how arduous the process will be… then you’ll need a reliable guide to walk you through a solid process for selecting the best performance management software.

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