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Extension to a Good Post on Performance Management

This morning I read a good post on Renegade HR called “Create a Performance Management Culture The Ghandi Way” and I want to extend my thoughts on this approach. All too often companies do their reviews once a year and forget about the employee’s development until next year’s reviews come around. Then when it comes time for next year’s reviews the managers rate the employees similar or identical to the previous review and their development plan looks no different than the previous year’s.

To avoid this situation, managers need to journal and discuss with the employee where they stand on their performance and how they might improve their skills. This is beneficial to the company in a couple of ways. First, this will help maximize an employee’s production by ensuring that they will work to improve their skill set. Second, this ensures the most accurate reviews and helps avoid unnecessary or overly generous compensation increases.

It’s okay to do official reviews only once a year, but it’s important that communication is strong between the manager and employee along the way. Only positives comes out of strong, accurate, and ongoing communication, so why avoid it?