Enhancements Made to Reviewsnap

Hello Reviewsnap Friends,

We are excited to announce two upcoming enhancements to the Reviewsnap™ performance management system. The first is the addition of a summary statistics module that will allow you to view basic statistics about each employee’s performance review history, each department’s performance review history and your overall company’s performance review history. The new statistics feature will allow you focus in on each specific competency you are utilizing to assess trends, identify persistent performance issues, and develop coaching and training programs based on patterns that may be emerging. This module is expected to be released by early July 2008.

Reviewsnap360™ is a comprehensive multi-rater feedback system that will fully compliment and augment the Reviewsnap™ system. This powerful solution will allow you to set up feedback sessions and use automated notification processes to alert those involved. And, just like Reviewsnap™, it will include a full library of multi-rater competencies/performance factors.