How Coaching Makes You a Better Leader

The ability to develop leaders is one of the key aspects of a company’s growth. For some, it’s their entire growth process. Enterprise Rent-A-Car is a prime example of this as they only promote from within. In their business development, if their training and coaching fails, so does the entire company. Raising up and developing more leaders is a key aspect to Enterprise’s business model but they shouldn’t be the only company to do so. Here are three reasons why coaching should be a priority in every organization.


One way to become a better leader is simply by teaching others. Your ability as a leader can be reflected through those you develop. 57% of all organizations advised that their top priority for improving leadership capability is developing leaders to be effective development coaches. Being a leader is more than managing a team.

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Coaching is about building up your team so more complicated tasks can be accomplished. Development of your team can be the difference between success and failure. Don’t take it lightly as it could take an organization to its next level of achievement.

“No one learns as much about a subject as one who is forced to teach it.” ― Peter F. Drucker

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Having the ability to develop a team can impact employees more than some realize. Leaders in the 90th percentile for coaching effectiveness had employee commitment scores in the 88th percentile. But leaders in the 10th percentile for coaching had employees at the 15th percentile for commitment. Notice a correlation?

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The growth of your employees will not only impact commitment but engagement as well. 65% of employees from companies with strong coaching cultures rated themselves as highly engaged. To ensure the development of your team, try:

●  Asking them what areas in their professional life they want to grow in and take appropriate steps

●  Offering the ability to attend a conference in their chosen field of development

●  Pointing your employee in the right direction if you don’t see proper development; a peer or coworker may be able to offer completely different insight and guidance

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A driving force of any initiative is knowing the return on investment. The return on coaching programs can be seen in many ways through team development, commitment and engagement. On average there is a six times return on the cost of coaching.

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The most important return on coaching is the result of newly born leaders. What’s better than having one good leader? Having one great leader and multiple good leaders. The development of a team starts at the top. The leader of a group can either raise their team up or drive them to the ground.

Leaders don’t create followers, they create more leaders.” Tom Peters @tom_peter

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