Building Your Mission, Values and Goals for the Future Into Your Performance Management System

Performance management is not only about reviewing your employees, it is also an important tool that should be used to communicate your mission, values and goals to your employees and make sure they are being accomplished. Building these 3 objectives into your review process is a simple task that only requires you to know exactly what your company’s mission, values and goals are. By deciding what core competencies best relate to the company’s strategic plan, you can directly assess your employees on how they are acting out these objectives for the company.

Your employees need to know what they will be accountable for in upholding the company’s mission, values and goals. If they cannot make a connection between these and the performance review process, they are not going to feel the importance of them. By incorporating these objectives into your review appraisals, you are likely to get your employees motivated and thinking about how they can individually help uphold your company’s mission, values and goals.