Advantages of HR Technology

A large portion of companies are still using the traditional pen and paper for performance reviews. Companies need to assess the benefits of an online performance management system opposed to the traditional reviews. Below are the benefits that the Reviewsnap Performance Management System offers.

Real time updates to goals, feedback and reviews:

  • If an employees’ goals are changed or feedback is given for an employee it is updated in real time and can be viewed right away. Also, this allows you to keep track of an employees’ progress towards their goals by keeping track of their goals and adding feedback at any time during the review period.


Better and Truer Reviews Can Be Given:

  • Rather than taking the chance of basing an employees review for an entire period on recent events only, you can keep better track of their progress, mistakes, etc.
    Automating Your Reviews For More Review Cycles. By automating your reviews, it makes it easier to have more review cycles. Rather than having to wait for an annual review, because of the annual, manual reviews, which can be a hassle, you have the option to create as many review periods as you wish.

Access to review system from anywhere with Internet access:

  • If something came to mind at home or you on a business trip you don’t have to wait to get back to the office to access your system or write a review. If something critical comes to mind about an employee and you want to get it in the review before you forget it, there is no better way than a web based performance management system.

A big initiative in today’s world is to be more “green.” Not only is it an initiative outside of the business world, but inside as well. Whether you are trying to use more biofuels, less plastic and paper, this can all be done inside the business world.
One way to help your green initiative is to use Reviewsnap’s Web based performance review system rather than the traditional paper performance reviews. Reviewsnap requires no paper, only a computer with internet access.