20 Tips from the Pros to Make the Most of Employee Development Programs


Ah, the employee development program. Many employers seem to have a love-hate relationship with this concept as they want the results but likely don’t have the time to invest in it. In a recent survey, an astounding 75% of Millennials reported they would consider leaving their jobs if they felt there were no real opportunities to grow professionally. So if you haven’t found the time to invest in employee development programs, it may be time to start. Get started with a few tips from the pros:


“Every employee can benefit from a solid employee development program, whether they are salaried or hourly. Yet it’s easily forgotten or let slide in the pressure of everyday business. Some days you might feel like it’s hard enough to get through the day, much less manage and create a continued and future plan for employee development.” – Chad Halvorson (@chadworks), Founder and CEO of When I Work

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Before delving into the best practices and how-tos of employee development, why should you invest in it in the first place? This article from Inc goes over the many benefits you can reap from an employee development program like attracting great talent and retaining promotable talent to keep within the organization. Read this post for the top 5 reasons to make the investment today.


“In order for employees to be successful, they need the skills and training that allow them to fulfill their role — and yes, to grow beyond it. This step is what keeps employees from seeing your company as just a temporary stage of their career.” – Dora Wang (@doralwang3), Employee Engagement Researcher for TINYpulse

TINYpulse proves the need for training and development and why employees greatly rely on it. From their research, 3 in 4 employees do not feel like they have opportunities for professional growth. If your employees feel this way, do you think they’ll stay much longer? Snag this infographic and learn more.

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“Many factors influence the success of any company: its competitive environment, the quality of its products or services, its name recognition. One factor, however, stands above all of them: the people who work there — the employee performance. And it’s your responsibility as an HR manager to make sure they can live up to their potential and provide adequate exposure to training and development.” – Thomas Buus Madsen (@tbuusm), COO and Founder of bookboon.com

Employee training and development goes hand-in-hand with employee performance. Taking the time and money to invest in these programs will in turn boost the performance you see from the team. After you’ve come to this realization and have decided to make the investment this article from the Huffington Post will help you out by breaking down the 4 areas to focus on in order to get the most out of your team and their work.

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“Unfortunately, despite spending approximately $164.2 billion dollars on learning and development programs, many executives still grapple with how to improve and enhance their effectiveness. As research shows, the need to revamp and improve learning programs is an important concern among HR executives.” – Keith Ferrazzi (@ferrazzi), CEO of Ferrazzi Greenlight

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So you may already have a development program in place for your employees that you’ve invested quite the chunk of change in, but you’d like to get more out of it. Harvard Business Review lays out 7 ways to take that program of yours to the next level. From igniting the passion of managers to coach employees to matching different learning options to learning styles, you’ll surely find a way to improve your employee development program.

Whether you’re iffy about starting an employee development program of your own or trying to get yours off the ground, these pros have some advice you need to hear. Still looking for something more? Our Learning Content Integration (LCI) module lets you extend information from performance reviews to develop targeted learning plans. Get started with a demo today!

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