Adding an icon to your home screen for the Reviewsnap Mobile site

  1. Open your browser on your Android device and go to the Reviewsnap System Login with the URL given to you by your Reviewsnap Account Manager
  2. android_step1

  3. Tap on the Bookmarks button at the top of your browser screen to bring up the bookmarks menu.
  4. android_step2

  5. Tap on the Add Bookmark button
  6. android_step3

  7. Edit the name that will show below the icon, or you can just leave it as the Default “Reviewsnap” and tap the Save button on the top right of your screen.
  8. android_step4

  9. Tap and Hold down on the “Reviewsnap” bookmark to bring up the options menu for the bookmark.
  10. android_step5

  11. Tap Add shortcut to home screen and this will add the icon to your home screen and you can then move it wherever you like just like you do any other app on your device.