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Reviewsnap Boosts Performance with Learning Content Integration

Develop Your People with Integrated Learning and Development Plans

It’s never been easier to identify and create targeted development plans for your employees. Reviewsnap’s automated Learning Content Integration (LCI) module lets you extend information from performance reviews to develop targeted learning plans for every employee. Improve talent management by integrating learning activities and performance management and become a true learning organization.

Key Features Include:

Automated Development Goals

  • Automatically create development goals and recommend specific learning activities based on the employee’s performance appraisal rating.

Rich Course Content

  • Employees can easily access OpenSesame's library of learning curriculum in addition to their company’s own custom training and learning content.

Online Access to Learning Management System (LMS)

  • Web-based system makes it easy to access learning to support development plans anytime, anywhere. Content is available through a variety of online formats, including video and PowerPoint.

On-demand Reporting and Transcripts

  • Measure and monitor progression of development activities with real-time access to reporting analytics and transcripts of learning activities.

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