Other Features

Pay Grades

  • Create an unlimited number of pay grades
  • Tie pay grades to specific job descriptions or Salary Ranges
  • Create compensation recommendation levels within the pay grades
  • Create Pro-rated compensation recommendation levels within the pay grades


  • Create budgets on a company and department level
  • Create budgets for each review period or year
  • Automatic salary calculations to avoid budgets being exceeded
  • Automatic compensation increase calculations

Salaries and Compensation History

  • Assign a salary to each employee individually or through an import
  • Salary increases are automatically calculated
  • Ability to send manual email reminders through the system
  • View the salary history of each individual employee
  • Track the status of compensation increase recommendations
  • View past performance review overall ratings

Approval Process

  • Select the necessary Manager(s) and/or Administrator(s) to approve compensation recommendations of employees
  • Select the order of approvers within the approval process
  • Automatic notifications to the selected approvers to review compensation recommendations
  • Recommended compensation increases can be approved or declined

Support and Implementation

  • No software to load
  • Free 1-800 support 24/7
  • Email support for all employees
  • Hosting by Reviewsnap in highly secure environment
  • Bundled along with both our performance review and 360 degree feedback modules under one affordable annual subscription fee
  • Most user-friendly and affordable on-demand, web-based performance review system available.
  • Call now at 1-800-516-5849 to schedule your no obligation “live” online demo