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Compensation Features

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Pay Grades

Create an unlimited number of pay grades.

Tie pay grades to specific job descriptions or Salary Ranges

Create compensation recommendation levels within the pay grades.

Create Pro-rated compensation recommendation levels within the pay grades


Create budgets on a company and department level.

Create budgets for each review period or year.

Automatic salary calculations to avoid budgets being exceeded.

Automatic compensation increase calculations.

Salaries and Compensation History

Assign a salary to each employee individually or through an import.

Salary increases are automatically calculated.

Ability to send manual email reminders through the system.

View the salary history of each individual employee.

Track the status of compensation increase recommendations.

View past performance review overall ratings.

Approval Process

Select the necessary Manager(s) and/or Administrator(s) to approve compensation recommendations of employees.

Select the order of approvers within the approval process

Automatic notifications to the selected approvers to review compensation recommendations.

Recommended compensation increases can be approved or declined.

Support and Implementation

No software to load.

Free 1-800 support 24/7.

Email support for all employees.

Hosting by ReviewSNAP in highly secure environment.

Bundled along with both our performance review and 360 degree feedback modules under one affordable annual subscription fee.

Most user-friendly and affordable on-demand, web-based performance management system available.

Call now to schedule your no obligation "live" online demo. Or sign up for a free 21 day trial.

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