With Reviewsnap’s 360-degree feedback software, your employees gain various insights on their work performance. Your staff members get detailed feedback from managers, as well as colleagues, providing a versatile but constructive look at his or her progress.

Our 360-degree feedback solution includes unlimited anonymous surveys allowing for numerous reviews on employee performance, automatic notifications that act as reminders for upcoming or past due surveys, a statistical dashboard offering real-time graphics, numbers and feedback on the company’s strengths and weaknesses, and full administrative control over any 360-degree survey, which includes selecting who can rate an employee and the duration of a survey duration.

Key Features Include

Unlimited Surveys

Administer unlimited anonymous multi-rater surveys with internal and/or external raters.

Automatic Notifications

All raters will receive automatic notifications for invitations of upcoming and past-due surveys.

Statistics Dashboard

Access real-time graphical and raw data statistics to identify company, department and individual strengths and weaknesses for performance reviews and 360 degree feedback.

Complete Administrative Control

Survey administrator has full control over each 360 degree survey, including selection of raters, determination of begin and end dates, and automatic notification to raters and administrators.