Other Features

Statistical Dashboard

  • Real-time statistical updates
  • Company, department and individual reporting capabilities
  • Final summary report for all surveys

360 Degree Surveys

  • Completely customizable
  • Unlimited on-demand reviews and reports
  • AuthoriCheck – discriminatory/derogatory language scanner
  • Edit, print and finalize surveys
  • Customize your survey templates, rating scales, target end dates, and competencies
  • Complete multi-rater system
  • Allows targets to be rated by supervisors, direct reports, subordinates, peers as well as raters from outside of the company (vendors, clients, etc.)
  • Library of 300+ survey questions or create your own.
  • Ability to upload your organization’s logo to personalize your summary reports and “My Account” page.


  • Automated email invitations and reminders to all raters
  • Automated notifications of finalized surveys to survey administrator
  • Ability to send manual email reminders through the system

Manager Features

  • Access to surveys at any time
  • Access to reports at any time
  • Initiate surveys of their employees as the survey administrator
  • Select the raters you want to participate in a survey
  • Set the target end date
  • Finalize the survey at any time

Employee Features

  • Can rate themselves
  • Can rate any employee once they are invited to participate in survey
  • Can initiate surveys of their employees as the survey administrator

Support and Implementation

  • No software to load
  • Free 1-800 support 24/7
  • Email support for all employees
  • Hosting by Reviewsnap in highly secure environment
  • Most user-friendly and affordable on-demand, web-based 360 Degree Feedback system available.
  • Call now at 1-800-516-5849 to schedule your no obligation “live” online demo