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360 Degree Feedback Features

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Statistical Dashboard

Real time statistical update.

Company, department and individual reporting capabilities.

Final summary report for all surveys.

360 Degree Surveys

Completely customizable

Unlimited on-demand surveys and reports.

AuthoriCheck - discriminatory/derogatory language scanner.

Edit, print and finalize surveys.

Customize your survey templates, rating scales, target end dates, and competencies.

Complete multi-rater system.

Allows targets to be rated by supervisors, direct reports, subordinates, peers as well as raters from outside of the company (vendors, clients, etc.).

Library of 300+ survey questions or create your own.

Ability to upload your organization's logo to personalize your summary reports and "My Account" page.


Automated email invitations and reminders to all raters.

Automated notifications of finalized surveys to survey administrator.

Ability to send manual email reminders through the system.

Manager Features

Access to surveys at any time.

Access to reports at any time.

Initiate surveys of their employees as the survey administrator.

Select the raters you want to participate in a survey.

Set the target end date.

Finalize the survey at any time.

Employee Features

Can rate themselves.

Can rate any employee once they are invited to participate in survey.

Can initiate surveys of their employees as the survey administrator.

Support and Implementation

No software to load.

Free 1-800 support 24/7.

Email support for all employees.

Hosting by ReviewSNAP in highly secure environment.

Most user-friendly and affordable on-demand, web-based 360 Degree Feedback system available.

Call now at 1-800-516-5849 to schedule your no obligation "live" online demo or sign up for a free 21-day trial. You have our promise that we will never pressure you to buy anything.

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